• Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
  • Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
  • Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
  • Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
  • Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
  • Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring

Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring

Type: Cu (Copper/Copper-Alloy Welding Electrode)
Material: Wcu 70/30, Wcu 75/25, Wcu 80/20, Wcu 90/10
Diameter: Standard or by Drawing
Length: Standard or by Drawing
Welding Core Type: Alloy Structual Tungsten
Electrode Coating Type: Tungsten Alloy
US$ 1/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
OD125xID40X 60MM
Surfacing Electrode, High Efficient Iron Powder Electrode
65%W35%Cu, 70%W30%Cu, 75%W25%Cu, 80%W20%Cu Copper
Rwma Class
Wire, Rod, Bar, Strip, Foil, Block, Plate, Ring
Tungsten Alloy
Copper Tungsten
Tungsten Copper
W-Cu Alloy
Machined Tungsten
Tungsten Copper Disc
Tungsten Copper Alloy
Plate and Disc
Transport Package
Export Wooden Cases
Standard sizes or customized
HS Code
Production Capacity
3000kgs Per Month

Product Description

Kefeng's Copper tungsten (CuW, WCu) has been regarded as a highly conductive and erasion resistant composite material that is extensively used as copper tungsten electrodes for EDM machining and resistance welding, electrical contacts in high voltage applications, and heat sinks and other electronic packaging materials in thermal applications.
Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu RingTungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu RingTungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu RingTungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring

The most common tungsten/copper ratios are WCu 70%W-30%Cu, WCu 75%W-25%Cu, 80%W-20%Cu.  Our tungsten copper product range includes copper tungsten rod, foil, sheet, plate, tube, tungsten copper rod and machined parts. 

As an tungsten alloy products manufacturer, Xi'an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd has 25 years production and export experience.

Certification: Corporation is ISO9001 Certified, SGS approved and has been manufacturing the highest quality tungsten alloy metals. 
Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring
Product mechnical and physical properties
Composition Density (g/cm3) Electrical Conductivity (IACS% Min.) Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K-1) Hardness (HRB Min.)
WCu 70/30 14.0 52.1 230 95
WCu 75/25 14.8 45.2 220 99
WCu 80/20 15.6 43 200 102
WCu 90/10 16.75 32.5 180 107

They also possess good thermal and electrical conductivity.  We, Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co., manufactures and supplies DRC Conflict Free material only.
Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring


Copper Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten copper is widely used in applications such as electrodes for sinker electrical discharge machining (EDM) and resistance welding. Copper tungsten EDM electrode is capable of machining hard refractory alloys such as titanium carbide and tungsten carbide. Copper tungsten can yield a better MMR (material removal rate) at a low level of TWR (tool wear rate) in comparison to copper, graphite, and other common materials electrodes. In addition, copper tungsten electrodes will become more desirable to utilize if the machining work requires high accuracy in dimension or an intricated geometry.

Therefore, copper tungsten is a relatively cost-saving and efficient option with respect to overcoming machining difficulties caused by a high melting temperature, and high thermal shock and abrasion resistance. Tungsten copper composites are also a preferred gourp of material in resistance welding electrodes. This is both because of the excellent conductivity of copper and the high melting point and the corrosion resistance of tungsten.

Copper Tungsten Heat Sink And Packaging Material

Copper tungsten is a promising material commonly utilized in integrated circuits and high-power microelectronic devices as heat sink and packaging materials. Tungsten copper alloy exhibited superior thermal conductivity and machinability. Most importantly, copper tungsten composites process a relatively low and tailorable coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, the CTE range of copper tungsten composites overlapped with that of semiconductor materials like SiC and ceramics substrate materials like Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and Beryllium oxide (BeO). Therefore, WCu composite can be tailored to a close CTE to each material and efficiently prevent them from the damage of thermal stress fatigue.

Copper Tungsten Contact

Copper tungsten contact presents high closing and breaking performance in applications of high voltage circuit breakers, no matter what the interrupting medium is, e.g. an oil, vacuum, SF6 gas, or air environment. When the low melting point copper particles melt and evaporate from the tungsten skeleton, those particles absorb large amounts of heat generated by the electrical arc. Apart from the cooling effect of copper tungsten, the high melting point tungsten particles also take credit for the superiority of copper tungsten contact by offering an unmatchable resistance to arc-erosion and a high density.

Copper Tungsten Nozzle

Copper tungsten (Cu W) has also been proven to be one of the preferred materials for aviation and aerospace applications. Tungsten has a low thermal expansion and a high melting point. At the same time, the copper infiltrates contribute an exceptional transpiration cooling effect to the copper tungsten components when the working temperature is from 2000oC to 3300 oC.  Therefore, the infiltrated tungsten provides superior resistance to thermal shock. It is critical to ensure the complex machined component maintains a stable condition and accurate dimension. These advantageous properties are why copper tungsten is widely used to make high-temperature resistance components such as the nozzles and throats of missiles and rockets.

  1. Resistance welding electrodes
  2. Circuit breakers (air or oil immersed)
  3. Arcing tips
  4. Heavy-duty contactors
  5. EDM electrodes
  6. Make-and-break contacts
  7. Relays/switches

Technical parameters
Materials Wt% Tungsten Content Wt%
Copper Content
Grade RWMA Class Density (g/cc) Electrical Conductivity (%IACS) Hardness (HRB)
W70Cu30 70 Balance A5WC 10 14.18 47-52 88-95
W75Cu25 75 Balance A10WC 11 14.80 42-50 96-99
W80Cu20 80 Balance A30WC 12 15.60 41-49 99-104
Note: The values are typical and not to be used for specifications.

Tungsten Alloy 75%W-25%Cu Ring


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